Emergency Manager 2

The most anticipated emergency management course in recent memory.
— EM1 Graduates


The Emergency Manager 2 course is an advanced program consisting of 46-hours of classroom education, with one 3-hour lecture/activity each week and two 8-hour weekend activities delivered over the course of ten weeks.  Students complete a total of 57 hours of coursework between classroom lectures, homework assignments, activities, and quizzes.

The purpose of Emergency Manager 2 course is to produce skilled emergency managers who are able to effectively create documents that capture emergency management information in a clear, logical, and meaningful manner.

  • Learn planning theories and frameworks.

  • Learn how to organize and memorialize it using a standardized approach.

  • Learn how to assess progress and alter course when appropriate.

  • Obtain a deeper understanding on specific topics (i.e. coastal storms, exercises, disaster documentation, etc).

This course is designed to:

  • Remove the anxiety of writing documents.

  • Give you a common sense, logical process to write meaningful documents.

  • Enhance your technical skills as an emergency manager.

  • Enhance your knowledge about common topics that you’ll frequently face as an emergency manager in New Jersey.

IAEM Certified Emergency Manager®:  IAEM has recognized the Emergency Manager 2 course as satisfying 60 (of 200) hours of the training requirement towards the IAEM Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) credential. EM2 graduates may receive 45 hours of emergency management training AND 15 hours of emergency management or general training towards the training requirements when they submit their IAEM CEM application.


The course fee is $500.00. Full payment is due by the first Saturday class.


1. I have a scheduling conflict and must miss a class.  Is that okay?

Yes. We allow for one absence for the week night lectures. However, you may be required to do a make up assignment or attend that lecture at one of our other course locations within one year to graduate.  We do not allow for any weekend class absences. Please contact us at JAllen@EmergencyMngr.com to resolve any planned conflicts.

2. Can I pay with a purchase order?

Yes.  When you submit your registration form and payment information, you will receive an electronic invoice shortly thereafter.  If you do not receive that invoice, please check your trash or spam folders.  With your invoice, you will also receive our W9 form and business certificate.  These documents are usually required when you submit an invoice to your agency for processing. 

3. Can I get a refund if I withdraw?

Maybe. We have a very simple refund policy.  If you withdraw before the course begins, we will issue you a full refund.  If you withdraw once the course begins, we will not issue you a refund.  However, you can apply your payment to your registration for the following semester.

4. Do you have any seats left?

Maybe.  If there's a registration form below and the class you want to attend is listed -- then yes, we have seats available.  We close the registration form when we no longer have any seats remaining.  So, if you can register, then you're good to go!


You must be an Emergency Manager 1 graduate to register for Emergency Manager 2!

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